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HDR Scholarships

Macquarie provides a wide range of generous Higher Degree Research (HDR) scholarships to support domestic and international candidates with a proven capacity for research. Scholarships vary in value and duration and may include a stipend to assist with living costs, tuition fee costs, overseas health cover and/or travel allowances or other research costs. See below for news, opportunities, how to apply and requirements, and conditions of award.

Important Note: legitimate available research student scholarships available for applicants to apply for are limited to those listed on our official Macquarie University research scholarships web pages.

HDR Scholarships Opportunities

HDR scholarship opportunities including MQRES, IMQRES, APA, IPRS, external and indigenous funding.

HDR Scholarship News

HDR scholarships latest news and updates, links, and more.

How to apply

Information on how to apply for HDR scholarships and eligibility requirements

HDR Scholarships Conditions

MQRES conditions, APA guidelines and MQRES Scheme information for staff

Contact us

The Scholarships Team
Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO)
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Macquarie University
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Hours: Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm