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Higher Degree Research Out of Time Policy and Special Tuition Fee Rates

Out of Time Policy

The University has recently reviewed the Out-of-Time Policy.
The Policy is on the Macquarie University Policy Central Website at:

Under the current policy, candidates who have reached their funded completion date (FEC date) will not be automatically re-enrolled. However they may request an extension of their candidature based on a completion plan prepared by the candidate and endorsed by the supervisor(s).

If approved, extension of candidature (re-enrolment) will be prescribed as follows:


o Six months additional enrolment (extension of candidature) may be allowed

o Provision for one only further extension to a maximum consumable Equivalent Full-time Student Load (EFTSL) of 5.0

• MPhil

o Six months additional enrolment (extension of candidature) may be allowed to a maximum consumable EFTSL of 2.5.

o No further extension

Special Tuition Fee Rates 

The University has determined that extension of enrolment (candidature) will incur a special tuition fee for Research Training Scheme (RTS) candidates only, phased in over 2 years, as follows:

1) In 2013, Out-of-time candidates for whom a second extension to candidature is sought and approved, will incur a special tuition fee (this has been set at $1000 for 2013)
2) From 2014, all approved extensions of candidature will incur a special tuition fee (set at $1000 for a first extension in 2014)
3) From 2013 the special tuition fee will also apply to all candidates who have exceeded their maximum consumable EFTSL (that is, greater than 5.0 EFTSL for a PhD and greater than 2.5 for an MPhil) and who subsequently submit a thesis for examination.
4) The University may vary the special tuition fee for OOT extension in the future.

The special tuition fee can be paid directly to the University by the due date for the relevant enrolment period (EP); 25 January for EP1, or 25 July for EP2. Or you may be eligible to defer payment using FEE-HELP.

If you plan to apply for FEE-HELP, please obtain an application form from the Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO). The FEE-HELP form must be submitted to HDRO before the census date of each EP; 7 Feb for EP1 and 7 August for EP2. This is a government requirement and late applications for FEE-HELP cannot be accepted. Failure to finalise payment, or complete the FEE-HELP form by the due date will result in a $200 late fee.

International out-of-time candidates will be required to pay tuition fees for the approved extended period of candidature.

Note in reference to 3) above, PhD or MPhil candidates who have exceeded 5.0 or 2.5 EFTSL respectively may apply for re-admission if they are ready to submit the thesis, and have nominated Examiners for examination. If re-admitted, a period of enrolment sufficient for satisfactory completion of the thesis and submission will be determined by the Faculty Associate Dean HDR (generally no more than 3 months) to allow for processing the examination of the thesis.

The new Out-of-Time Policy is now effective as on the 1st January 2013

Should you have any questions regarding the new Policy, please contact the Higher Degree Research Office on