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Accepting an Offer

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Domestic Students

What happens when an offer is made?

Domestic students who are offered a place in higher degree research programs will be issued an offer letter, outlining the details of the program, such as the semester intake, duration, study mode, and any fees payable* etc. Any additional higher degree research training will also be included. Candidates are normally given 14 days to make their decision as to accept or decline the offer. If they accept the offer, they should sign the acceptance form, nominate their preferred start date and return the form to the Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO). If they do not accept the offer, they are still expected to indicate their decision to decline and provide a brief reason for their non-acceptance and return the form to HDRO.

*Domestic research students undertaking PhD and Master research programs are usually funded under the Research Training Scheme (RTS), and hence exempted from paying tuition fees. 

Acceptance of offers

When a candidature offer is made, a Research Enrolment Form will be generated and included in the offer package together with an Enrolment Information Booklet, the Higher Degree Research Guide and other relevant materials. When accepting the offer, candidates are expected to return the completed Enrolment Form (including the attached Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement) to HDRO at least two week prior to their enrolment date. Further information on HDR student IP Assignment can be found on the Intellectual Property Policy website. 

Domestic candidates will be automatically enrolled on or soon after their nominated commencement date. Once enrolment is complete, an Enrolment and Registration Advice will be sent to the enrolled candidate as proof of enrolment.

Scholarship recipients usually receive their scholarship information in their offer packages. Scholarship recipients accepting the offer should state the same commencement date on both their candidature and scholarship acceptance forms.

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International Students

What happens when an offer is made?

International students who are successful in gaining a place in the research program will be issued with an offer letter, outlining the details of the program, the semester intake, duration, study mode, fees payable, name of supervisor(s), thesis title, and any additional higher degree research training required. They are normally required to indicate their acceptance of their offer by the Acceptance Deadline through payment of the commencement fee.

Commencement fee

Commencement fee is actually part of the tuition fee paid upfront, which is required to issue the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for students to apply for their student visas. It is approximately equivalent to half a year's tuition fee. Scholarship recipients are not required to pay for the commencement fee as this will be covered under their scholarships.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Students who come to Australia on a student visa are required to have a compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover to cover the study period while they are in Australia. OSHC are being organized for students via Macquarie International office. Macquarie 's current Health Care Provider is WorldCare Assist. For information relating to OSHC, please check our Macquarie International's site.

As from 2004, all students commencing their study with Macquarie University will need to have a valid OSHC to cover the full period of their study program. Master by research students are required to pay for 2 years cover upfront, while PhD students are required to pay for 4 years cover upfront. Scholarship recipients will have their OSHC covered for three years and six months initially under their scholarship. When their OSHC expires, student will need to renew their OSHC; otherwise they will be in breach of their student visa conditions.

Acceptance of offers

In order for a student to accept the offer for the candidature, the offer need to be accepted and returned the payment of commencement fee and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to the HDRO. Upon verification of payment and acceptance documents, a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) will be issued for the student to get their student visa.

Students from some countries are required to undergo the pre-visa assessment (pva) process. Under this circumstance, they are asked to wait until they have successfully passed their pva before they accept their offers and make the payment arrangement. A copy of the pva letter should be forwarded to the HDRO together with their payment and acceptance documents. A COE can only be issued if a copy of the pva is received in the case where the student is required to undergo the pva process.

How to apply for your student visa:

When students have been made an offer to come to study at Macquarie University, they will need to apply for their student visa. There are different types of student visas (subclass). Master by research and doctoral degree fall under student visa subclass 574 – postgraduate research. Students will also need to check the Risk Assessment Level of their country when applying for the student visa as there are different requirements for different Assessment Levels.Student Visa Assessment Levels can be viewed on the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) website.To apply for your student visa, please follow the instructions on DIBP's site on Applying for a student visa

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