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Research Training Pathway Program - Academic Advisors


Research Communications
Dr Florence Chiew



Faculty of Arts

Ancient History

A/Prof Malcolm Choat

Dr Peter Edwell



Dr Jakob Timmer

A/Prof Chris Houston



Dr Ryan Twomey

Dr Paul Sheehan

Geography and Planning Dr Emily O'Gorman
Indigenous Studies Dr Trudy Ambler

International Studies Dr Lan Zhang
Law Prof Denise Meyerson                                              


Media, Music & Cultural Studies (MMCS) Dr John Potts
Modern History, Politics and International Relations Dr Tanya Evans (Mod History)

Dr Lloyd Cox (POIR) 

Prof Nicholas Smith

Security Studies and Criminology (SSC) Dr Dalbir Ahlawat


Sociology Dr Justine Lloyd (Acting)

Dr Alison Leitch

Faculty of Business and Economics

Accounting and Corporate Governance Dr Michael Quilter
Actuarial Studies  Ms Shauna Ferris
Applied Finance Dr James Cummings
Economics (ECON) A/Prof Tony Bryant
Marketing and Management (MKMT) Dr Jana

Faculty of Human Sciences

Education (EDUC) Dr Anne McMaugh
Linguistics (LING) Year 1

Linguistics (LING) Year 2
Dr Scott Barnes

Dr Annabelle Lukin (Acting)
Psychology (PSY) Dr Simon Boag
Institute of Early Childhood (IEC) Prof Manjula Waniganayake
Cognitive Science Dr Alexandra Woolgar (Acting)

Faculty of Science and Engineering

MRes Director A/Prof Bridget Mabbutt
E8C 306; +61-2-9850-8282
Biological Sciences A/Prof Grant Hose
E8B 109; +61-2-9850-6296
Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences
Dr Louise Brown
E8C 305; +61-2-9850-8294
Chiropractic Dr Benjamin Brown
C5C 341A; +61-2-9850-6383
Computing A/Prof Mark Dras
E6A 380; +61-2-9850-9580
Earth and Planetary Sciences A/Prof Simon Clark
AHH Lvl 2; +61-2-9850-8166
Engineering A/Prof Sam Reisenfeld
E6B 113; +61-2-9850-6002
Environmental Sciences Dr Timothy Ralph
AHH level 2; +61-2-9850-6378
Mathematics Dr Gerry Myerson
AHH level 2; +61-2-9850-8952
Physics and Astronomy A/Prof Gavin Brennen
Dr Joanne Dawson
E6B 2.611; +61-2-9850-4445
E6B 2.603; +61-2-9850-8901
Statistics Dr Thomas Fung
AHH level 2; +61-2-9850-4769

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

MGSM (Year 2 only) Prof Andrew Lepone

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences 

Faulty Advisor (Year 1) Prof Roger Chung (Acting)
Biomedical Sciences A/Prof Ann Goodchild
Clinical Medicine Prof Stuart Graham
Health Professions A/Prof Mark Hancock
Australian Institute of Health Innovation A/Prof Andrew

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