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Cotutelle and joint PhD program

Macquarie University has been participating in cotutelle degree programs since 1999. These became a formal component of our research strategy in 2007. The aim is to establish deep, continuing relationships with international research universities through the joint research candidate supervision. By the end of 2014, we will have had over 210 cotutelle and joint PhD candidates with more than 110 universities from over 30 countries, led by China, Germany and France.

As such, the cotutelle and joint PhD schemes are open to both international and domestic PhD candidates. Scholarship and travel funds are provided to eligible candidates. These are in addition to the existing MQRES and PGRS fundings.

Each student entering a cotutelle or joint PhD program must have a legally binding agreement between Macquarie University and the partner institution. The Higher Degree Research Office at Macquarie University is responsible for facilitating these agreements.

For more information on joint supervision programs, please download the Cotutelle and Joint PhD Fact Sheet.

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If you are an interested potential candidate or supervisor, contact Catherine Schedlich, HDR Co-ordinator (International Research Training Partnerships) at the Higher Degree Research Office.

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