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Benefits of Cotutelle/Joint PhD Programs

Institutional Benefits:
  • Deepens and strengthens research collaborations and networks at an individual and institutional level.
  • Fosters a higher level of cooperation between researchers in their respective fields through co-supervision.
  • Provides access to new funding schemes and access to new international enrolments.
  • Provides an opportunity to increase joint publications, citation rate and rankings.
  • The candidate benefits (listed below) make the institution more attractive to potential candidates.
Candidate Benefits:
  • Exposes candidates to different academic environments through joint enrolment and supervision.
  • It enhances a candidate's training experiences and gives them access to the latest research equipment and technologies at two institutions.
  • Provides candidates with international networking opportunities that will expand their future employment opportunities – whether through exposure to new academic institutions or new industries.
  • Candidates are able to write one thesis that is examined at two universities.
  • Candidates may have access to new funding schemes.
  • Personal benefits of experiencing a new culture and environment. This obviously provides new personal experiences for the candidate but has the added effect of allowing them to further develop their soft skills.

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