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HDR Candidate Feedback Overview

Macquarie University is committed to providing a strong and supportive research culture for Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates. Regular feedback from HDR candidates on their research experiences and the issues faced in the achievement of research goals contributes to the monitoring of practice and policy implementation and facilitates MQ responsiveness to its students. Thus, HDR candidate feedback is intrinsic to the process of continual HDR quality improvement.

Macquarie University provides a number of HDR candidate feedback opportunities, most of which are confidential and voluntary (except for the Annual Progress Report). Supervisors, Departments and Faculties are not able to access candidate student feedback in voluntary surveys.

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1. Main Responses to HDR Student Feedback

HDR candidate feedback through the annual satisfaction survey, MUSEQ-R, PREQ, focus groups and other surveys has resulted in a number of initiatives being implemented to improve the quality and experience for HDR students at Macquarie University.


This national survey, Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ), is offered to HDR candidates on graduation through Macquarie University and Graduate Careers Australia (GCA). The survey is administered through the Macquarie Analytics at Macquarie University.

3. MUSEQ-R Survey 

This annual survey is for all HDR candidates and seeks to gauge HDR candidate satisfaction with their HDR experience at Macquarie University. The Executive Summaries from 2006 onwards are available. This survey is usually conducted from the mid September to end October each year. The survey is administered through the Macquarie Analytics at Macquarie University.

4. HDR Candidature Management Projects

Feedback has been sought, through focus group participation and surveys, since 2003 on the transition experiences of local and international candidates into HDR at Macquarie University. This includes the First Year HDR Candidate Experience Project and the International HDR Candidate Experience Project.

5. Other HDR Student Feedback Opportunities

There are a number of other feedback mechanisms available to HDR candidates at Macquarie University, including the Annual Progress Report, candidate exit survey, Central Commencement Program feedback survey, private and confidential discussions with the Dean, HDR, Professor Nick Mansfield and an online option for feedback to the HDRO.


For any queries regarding HDR candidate feedback, please contact Professor Nick Mansfield on:



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