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MUSEQ-R HDR Student Feedback

Since 2006, Macquarie University has undertaken an annual satisfaction survey, MUSEQ-R, for all HDR students.

The MUSEQ-R survey is usually open from late October to early December each year.

Your feedback is appreciated.

What happens to MUSEQ-R Student Feedback?

Survey responses are aggregated by Macquarie Analytics and then analysed in the Dean, HDR Office. A report is presented to the Higher Degree Research Committee (HDRC) with Recommendations for action. Within 12 months, an Implementation Report is subsequently presented to the HDRC.

There is also related reporting via the Departments and Faculties, as well as on the web. 

The Executive Summaries for the 2006 to 2009 reports are available for your information.

Outcomes & Reports

Current HDR student issues arising from MUSEQ-R (2006-2008 Surveys) 

1. Improving the overall MUSEQ-R response rate to 50%, especially for later year HDR students;

2. Maintaining the high satisfaction levels expressed by HDR students who are first year, full time and undertaking a PhD;

3. Improving perceived overall satisfaction among:

  • Part time HDR students
  • External HDR students (increased satisfaction ratings achieved 2007)
  • Later year HDR students (increase ratings by 5 points on each scale in 2008 and 2009)
  • Professional doctorate students (Working party to review programs by November 2008)

4. Improving satisfaction with:

  • Intellectual climate / research culture (to 70% satisfaction in 2009)
  • Resourcing: financial, equipment, technical support (to 70% satisfaction in 2008)

5. Improving satisfaction with MQ services (by an additional 5 points in 2008 and 2009);

6. Improving Library support and resources, especially for HDR students in Arts disciplines;

7. Improving communication with HDR students on actions resulting from their feedback.



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