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Other HDR Feedback Opportunities

Along with the other HDR student feedback mechanisms already discussed elsewhere on this website, Macquarie University encourages HDR students to use the following opportunities to provide feedback and assist in strengthening the University’s research culture.

1. Annual Progress Report

In addition to the many voluntary and confidential feedback opportunities, there is the compulsory Annual Progress Report through the Higher Degree Research Office and each HDR student’s Faculty. This occurs Univeristy-wide in October each year.

2. Feedback on the Central Commencement Program (CCP) – survey and comments

This survey gives commencing HDR students the opportunity to provide feedback on the content and presentations offered twice a year at the Central Commencement program.

3. Discontinued Student Survey

For students who discontinue their HDR studies, there is an exit survey to provide feedback on the major reasons for discontinuing.

4. Confidential Feedback to Dean, HDR

If there are significant issues about Academic Progress which students are unable to discuss with supervisor(s) or the Dean of the Faculty, you may request a confidential appointment with the Dean, Higher Degree Research, Professor Nick Mansfield:

Dean, Higher Degree Research
Professor Nick Mansfield

Tel: 02 9850 8718
Fax: 02 9850 6048
Address: building C5C, room 311

5. Feedback to the Higher Degree Research Office

Research Students can also send feedback to the Higher Degree Research Office on administrative aspects of their candidature and its services by visiting the Research Candidates Feedback Form page.

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