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Responses to HDR Feedback

Main Responses to HDR Student Feedback

HDR student feedback through the annual satisfaction survey, MUSEQ-R (2006-2007), PREQ, focus groups and other surveys has resulted in the following actions being implemented:

Central Commencement Program 2004 - Ongoing
Faculty / Department Commencement Programs 2004 - Ongoing
Candidature Management Plan templates (PhD, Professional Doctorates, MPhil) 2005 - Ongoing
HDR Guide for Candidates and Supervisors("Green Guide") [Updated Annually] 2005 - Ongoing
HDR Supervisor Training Workshops for all Supervisors 2006 - Ongoing
MQRES PhD Scholarships 2006 - Ongoing
MQ HDR Good Practice Overview 2006 - Ongoing
HDR Completions Workshops - Trial in the Faculty of Arts 2007 - 2008

Please see also the report - HDR Student Feedback: Issues and Outcomes


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