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Thesis Examination

Procedures while Under Examination

When the thesis has been submitted and the appointment of examiners has been finalised and approved by the HDRC, copies of the thesis including any approved non-written thesis formats are sent to the examiners. Each examiner is sent one copy of the thesis together with a copy of the relevant degree rules, appropriate instructions concerning the University’s requirements for examiners, and a report form to be completed and returned within two months of receipt of the thesis.

After the thesis is sent for examination, the Completions Officer in the Higher Degree Research Office tracks the progress and regularly monitors the return dates for all thesis examination reports. Allowance needs to be made for despatch and arrival of the thesis especially if the examiners are overseas. Theses are sent by courier to examiners outside Australia. Reminder emails and letters are sent after two months and then at monthly intervals. Key procedures include:

  • Within 1 week of submission of the thesis, if examiners have been previously approved or within 1 week of the HDRC meeting where the examiners are approved, the thesis will be despatched to approved examiners.
  • Examiners are requested to provide their report within 2 months of receipt of the thesis.
  • A reminder is sent by email to examiners 6 weeks after the thesis was despatched if a report has not been received.
  • If no report from an examiner has been received after 8 weeks, a letter is sent advising of a date by which the report is expected, usually 2 weeks from the date of the letter.
  • If no report is received by the given date, the University may appoint a replacement examiner.
  • Candidates and supervisors should not contact examiners. The reports of all examiners must be received before the results can be considered by the Higher Degree Research Committee.
  • When all examiners’ reports have been received the supervisor is notified and copies are sent to the supervisor for written detailed comments on the examination.
  • Examiners reports together with the supervisor’s comments on the examiners reports are included in the agenda for consideration at the next available meeting of the Higher Degree Research Committee.

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