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Meeting Dates

A schedule of HDRC meetings for 2015 is as follows.

 HDRC meets at 9.30 am in Academic Senate room - Lincoln Building. Agenda items should be addressed to The Secretary, Higher Degree Research Committee, Level 3, Research HUB, C5C and forwarded by the due date. The Program and Examination Sub-Committee (PESC) will meet monthly at 9.30 am.

Closing Date for HDRC Agenda Papers Agenda on Distributor PESC Meeting Dates HDRC
Meeting Dates
Monday 2 February Friday 6 February Wednesday 11 February Friday 13 February
Monday 9 March Friday 13 March Wednesday 18 March Friday 20 March
Monday 13 April Friday 17 April Wednesday 22 April Friday 24 April
Monday 11 May Friday 15 May Wednesday 20 May Friday 22 May
Tuesday 9 June Friday 12 June Wednesday 17 June Friday 19 June
Monday 6 July Friday 10 July Wednesday 15 July Friday 17 July
Monday 10 August Friday 14 August Wednesday 19 August Friday 21 August
Monday 14 September Friday 18 September Wednesday 23 September Friday 25 September

Wednesday 28 October NO HDRC
Monday 2 November Friday 6 November Wednesday 11 November Friday 13 November
Monday 23 November Friday 27 November Wednesday 2 December Friday 4 December

Format for Agenda Items

All HDRC documents are now circulated in Adobe Acrobat via Distributor.  All agenda items are to be forwarded in Excel or as Word documents in Arial 11 point. Embedded headers and footers are to be removed. HDRO will convert all documents to .pdf for distribution and archiving purposes.

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