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Terms of Reference

Approved by Academic Senate 12 August 2008.

The Higher Degree Research Committee is a Standing Committee of the Academic Senate.

Terms of reference

  1. To give any approval, or make any recommendation, decision or determination in relation to higher degree research pursuant to the provisions of the Doctoral Degree Rules, the Rules for the Degree of Master by Research, the Rules Governing the Enrolment of Students as determined by the Academic Senate from time to time and the Policies and Procedures of the University. To recommend the award of research degrees.
  2. To consider and report to the Academic Senate on:
    • The establishment and conduct of programs for research education
    • Policies and guidelines relating to the award of University scholarships
    • The appointment of examiners and the examination of theses
    • The provision of academic advice to students
    • The provision of advice on matters referred to the Committee by the Academic Senate
    • Policy and quality issues for higher degree by research programs
    • Recommendations for the establishment of joint and double-badged research degree programs
  3. To inform Academic Senate of matters relating to:
    • The strategic management of higher degree research enrolment
    • Consultation with Faculties on higher degree research management.


  1. Chair: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  2. Ex officio members:
    • Vice Chancellor
    • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Provost)
    • Vice-president of Academic Senate (Deputy-Chair)
    • Dean of Higher Degree Research (Deputy Chair)
    • The Associate Dean Higher Degree Research in each Faculty
    • Director International HDR Marketing and Development
  3. One additional member nominated by each Faculty and recommended by the Chair of HDRC for appointment by Academic Senate.
  4. Two student members currently enrolled as higher degree research candidates; one nominated by the Macquarie University Postgraduate Representative Association, the other as selected by the Chair from nominations by the Associate Deans of Higher Degree Research.

Secretary: Manager Higher Degree Research Office.  .

Term of Office:
For category c.: 3 years; for category d.: 1 year.
Sub-Committee:  Program and Examination Sub-Committee.
In attendance: Staff from the Office of the DVC Research and others as invited.

The Committee may co-opt other University staff to such activities as deemed essential for the conduct of its business.

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