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Scholarship Payments

|Living AllowanceTravel Allowance | Thesis Allowance|

The components and allowances within a scholarship package will vary, and candidates are advised to review their letter of offer, conditions of award and, where applicable, the joint supervision agreement (for candidates enrolled under a Joint PhD or Cotutelle agreement) for details about available allowances.

Living Allowance ($A per annum)

For 2015, the approved allowance rates are:                     

APA 25,849 12,924
MQRES 25,849 12,924

Please note tax exemption status is subject to the current tax laws as determined by the Australian Taxation Office.

The APA rate is determined by the Australian Government Department of Education. Annual rates are published by the Department towards the end of each year.

Further information including prior APA rates can be viewed at the Department of Education's APA website:

Macquarie University applies the APA rate to Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships (MQRES).

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Travel Allowance Claim

You may be eligible for a Travel Allowance if you hold a Cotutelle or Joint PhD supervision agreement with Macquarie University and have a travel allowance specified in your agreement. Unless otherwise specified, a travel allowance will usually cover one return economy airfare. Travel must be undertaken in accordance with the Macquarie University Travel Policy

In order to book your flights, you should submit the Cotutelle/Joint Degree Airfare Request Form, included in your offer package, to the HDRO. We will use the details on your form to arrange to book flights on your behalf, and will then contact you with your itinerary and any additional flight information before you depart. This applies to both inbound and outbound travellers.

The Cotutelle/Joint Degree Airfare Request Form can be downloaded from our Forms page

Applicants who were not issued with a Cotutelle/Joint Degree Airfare request form should contact the Scholarships Team at  for further information.

Accommodation and airport transfer for international HDR candidates: Information about University accommodation options and free airport transfers for International students, is available at the Macquarie International Office website.

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Thesis Allowance

A thesis allowance is not available to all scholarship holders. Eligibility to claim a thesis allowance depends on the conditions of  award. For example, candidates commencing on a MQRES (or APA) since 2010 will be unable to claim a thesis allowance.

Eligibility: If your conditions of award include a thesis claim allowance, a claim must be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office:

  • within 12 months of submission of the thesis
  • within 24 months of the expiry of the award

A thesis allowance claim will only be paid to cover the costs of the minimum number of required copies for submission to the university (claims or receipts for more copies will be re-calculated pro-rata) up to the maximum allowance.

Allowance: between 2007-2009 the approved maximum amount of thesis allowance was:

  • $300 for MPhil candidates
  • $600 for PhD candidates

A thesis allowance claim may be approved to cover the cost of:

  • binding
  • printing

A thesis allowance claim will not be approved for costs relating to:

  • writing assistance (eg. proof reading, editing, word processing)
  • equipment used

Procedure: If you are eligible to claim a thesis allowance, please download the Thesis Allowance Claim form (below) and submit your form along with the original receipts to the Scholarships Team at the Higher Degree Research Office. (

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